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                   Super Bowl weekend is here and with it the extra story lines...c
  • Will Taylor Swift make it in time for kickoff?
  • Over/Under on length of the National Anthem
  • How many millions of chicken wings will be consumed?
All of these are fun but my favorite to discuss is moving Presidents Day to the Monday after the Super Bowl. Every year Change.org has dozens of petitions to make this coming Monday  a national holiday. Over 14 million people will call in sick on Monday, productivity will drop by an estimated 30% but we could fix all of that. Of course, It would take an act of Congress to make it happen but totally worth it in my opinion

Local Real Estate: More and more condos for sale.
There are some serious headwinds happening \with condominiums in Florida. To make a VERY long story short: Condos are required to hit new reserve requirements and show proof by the end of 2024. Many monthly fees are moving significantly higher and have been since the Bill was signed in 2022. What I'm seeing is fees that were as low as $300 in 2021 are over $500 a month now. Also, some condos are completing inspections and needing to have some work done which causes assessments. This is leading to more inventory than has been available in some complexes for many years. It could lead to some foreclosures and possible price decreases in some condominium complexes.
Selling a condo in 2024? Correctly pricing, marketing and hiring an experienced Realtor® will be of paramount importance. It won't be just name your price and sell.

Buying a condo in 2024? The good news is you will have more options but I would suggest working with an attorney to review the condo budgets on your behalf during your inspection period.
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 There are 19 foreclosed properties on the market right now you can see all of them here.

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Mortgage News:
Mortgage demand cooled a bit week over week while rates slightly rose from 6.78% to 6.80%
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