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Home sales in 2023 hit a 20 year low according to data released just today by the National Association of Realtors® While there were less transactions home prices still ticked up over 4% since December 2022- 1st time homebuyers normally make up about 40% of the market however in 2023 they were only 29% of the transactions.
My quick thoughts on this: It's still mostly an affordability issue. Current homeowners are still in a great spot with low mortgage rates if they have mortgages at all. Over 40% of homes in the US do not have any debt on them. Locally the most negatively impacted are active duty military. The Navy is Jacksonville's largest employer &  VA loans are making up less and less of our transactions every year, many services members are renting during their tours instead of buying. In 2020 5220 VA loans were closed in our local MLS in 2023 only 4108.

 There are 27 foreclosed properties on the market right now you can see all of them here.

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Mortgage News:
Mortgage demand jumped 10% week over week with rates dropping to 6.75%
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