Did you know most agents (Not their companies) are responsible for your homes marketing? Choosing the right agent could mean the difference between having your home for sale or having it sold. No amount of salesmanship will get your home sold if no one knows your home is for sale. Here is a detailed list of our first month marketing campaign, we can do more than this at your request, but we will never do less.

NORTHEAST FLORIDA MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE INSERTION: Putting your home in the “MLS” gives every Realtor (and their buyers) in Jacksonville information on your home. There are over 3,000 realtors in Jacksonville!  The day your home goes "active"  it's immediately e-mailed out to every home buyer that is set up on automatic searches by their Realtor. Example: we have a buyer looking for a 4/3 homes in Julington Creek Plantation under under $400,000. We set this buyer up on an auto search for new listings. The day your Julington Creek Planation home goes on the market they get the MLS listing of your property. This is why so many offers/showings happen in the first week of the listing. Almost every Realtor in Jacksonville has a search set up for their buyers. If your home meets their criteria it automatically gets e-mailed to them

Before your home goes active in the MLS

  1. Make sure all  of the pictures are ready! ( one of our biggest pet-peeves is seeing homes go active without having the pictures.) Before we have your home go active all the pictures are taken, edited and ready to go!
  2. Documents - we add copies of surveys, sellers disclosures, highlight sheets and any other important documentation to the MLS right away
  3. Second set of eyes.- before we make the listing active we have another person review just to ensure all information is correct

SIGN/LOCKBOX:  A Re/max Sign in your yard lets everyone know that your home is FOR SALE! Remax is one of the most recognized brands in the world with more than 7,000 offices in 87 countries. The lockbox we use a NEFAR lockbox allows only licensed Realtors® to access your home.

1-800 Number We have a state of the art phone system that allows prospective buyers to get information on your home 24 hours a day. (Even Realtors® as good as us, can't answer the phone everytime :)

PICTURES/VIRTUAL TOUR: We take dozens of pictures of your home to give  buyers a real feel for your home. Virtual tours are ordered on a case by case basis. 

INTERNET MARKETING : . Over 83% of home buyers begin their search on the web. Our main website www.homes-jacksonville.com (receives 14,000 unique visitors a month) Your home is also advertised on www.remax.com (remax.com is currently the third most visited real estate website in the US,and first in the world, your home gets maximum exposure on this site, being the first to pop up with your criteria, we can't explain how big this is for sellers!!!)www.realtor.com and www.homes.com www.realestate.com These sites are some of the most searched real estate sites on the internet today. Your home will literally be linked to hundreds of others including www.homesandland.com www.realestatebook.com www.bobvilla.com www.realtor.com www.homesandgarden.com and
www.jacksonville.com www.realetate.jacksonville.com
DATABASE NOTIFIED: Our e-mail database cosists of over a thousand active home buyers. Your home will be sent to that database in the form of an electronic flier.

REALTORS NOTIFIED: Our Jacksonville RE/MAX Specialists office sells more homes than any other single office in Northeast Florida! We let our fellow agents know about your home. Many times they might know of a buyer who would like to see your home. We also have an exclusive new e-mail network to involve Realtors from around your area, to notify them of your home. Believe it or not this is unique!

MORE INTERNET MARKETING: Our team spends over fifteen hundred dollars a month marketing on www.google.com and www.yahoo.com We tweak our ads with each home we list to ensure when people are seaching for your home they find it!

EVEN MORE INTERNET MARKETING: Sites like www.craigslist.com www.jacksonville.backpage.com www.finalhunt.com www.goduru.com www.zillow.com www.reaffinity.com and many others provide information to unique home buyers. Again we are trying to target every potential buyer. Many list sites are completely free but do take lots of time.

During the entire time we list our properties we are consistently in contact with our clients giving them up to date feedback for our sellers