Beat other prospective Jacksonville home buyers by being the first to automatically receive personalized Northeast Florida MLS listings by e-mail. We will search the Jacksonville MLS and find the homes that match your criteria and notify you immediately by e-mail with the latest listing information!! This program is completely free and with no obligation. It is the quickest way to stop searching for a home and let your new home come to you. Simply choose Buy and fill Buy a home in Jacksonville Form. 

There is no website zillow, realtor.com even this one. that provides home buyer with more accurate information than the e-mails form our NEFAR MLS board. All of the "home search" sites are feeds from the NEFAR MLS! Most feeds don't account for under contract or contingency status. That's why so many of the homes you see on zillow or trulia or even realtor.com are not available.

As Realtors® once a property or home in Jacksonville has an accepted offer we generally put the property in a contingency status. That contigency status stays in effect to just before closing. When it changes to Pending Status.

The home search sites don't account for this. Our direct e-mails to you exclude these properties, giving you better information on the home you are looking for.

Point of the story, once you are approved for financing get on a Reatlors® e-mail list for homes that meet your criteria.

You can opt out of any e-mails coming from the MLS so it's easy



Step 1: Get pre-approved!!! 
If you are even dreaming about buying a new home in Jacksonville, you need to speak with a lender. Our suggestion is to talk to three different lenders, a local lender, national lender and a mortgage broker. Ask for a pre-approval letter and a good faith estimate on that amount. This should include monthly payments and closing costs. Each lender will vary on their costs, shop around, and then shop around some more. This step is just as or maybe more important for most buyers than finding the right house. DO NOT LET ANYONE CHARGE YOU FOR THIS SERVICE! 
Lenders we like: 

Pam Vanscoy, mortgage broker Suntrust Mortgage here in Jacksonville : 904-268-2836  pam.vanscoy@suntrust.com Has worked with our family team for almost 20 years and to our knowledge has never had an buyer have an unexpected cost at closing, also she attends the closing (This is not normal, but should be!!) 

We do not receive anything by you using any of these lenders, we like them because they do what they say, and have never had a surprise at closing. 

Step 2 Narrowing your search. 
Now you know what price range home you feel comfortable with, it's time to start looking for a home! Narrowing down which side of town you would like to live in can be a difficult task. Land wise Jacksonville, FL is the largest city in the continental United States. There are many options for every price range. You need to figure out what is most important to you, being close to the beach, close to a boat ramp on the river, close to work, specialty schools, close to shopping, and so forth. Before you meet with a Realtor you should have a list of what you want to be close to, that way we the agents can show you your option. 

Step 3: Choosing a Buyers Agent. 
When hiring someone to sell your home, we suggest you interview three respected agents/companies. When looking for a Buyers Agent (A real estate agent who represent you when buying a home) you can interview agents, but we believe if you simply ask questions of an agent, and then commit to them until they do not fulfill their promises, you will be fine. 
Questions to Ask... 

1. How long have you been in the business?- We suggest only using agents with at least two years of experience or someone who is a member of a team who has a partner agent with more experience. 

2. Do you work in the area I would like to buy in? Believe it or not some agents will take on buyers that are looking for home two hours away from their home office. 

3. Do you charge a transaction fee to buyers? Many or Most companies charge a transaction fee ranging from $50-$400. This fee is a ju.... well it's a fee, but many agents if you ask up front will wave the transaction fee. Generally the fee goes to the brokerage/company, but sometimes the fee partly goes to the agent. 

4.What hours do you work, do you have another agent who can show me property anytime? Agents like everyone else get busy, a good agent has someone, a team member or coworker who can show property to you the buyer if they become unavailable. We like the team concept we have, because our agents fill in for each other rather than having to make our clients work around our schedules. 

Once you find an agent you can answer these simple four questions, put them to work! There are many different ways to find an agent in Jacksonville, the one we truly discourage is driving around and calling on for sale signs! 
The representation of a buyers agent is free, or very close to it in most cases. Why would you not use one? 

Step 4: Contract/Negotiate/Binder/Inspect/Review/Close 
There is more to it than this, but your "Buyers Agent" can help you navigate to closing. 

Contact our Remax team at 904-260-3787 for more information on hiring us as your Buyers Agent In Jacksonville